GOOD bye

So me and this girl have been good friends ever since second grade. Like any friendship, we’ve had our ups and downs. But recently- I guess things have just changed. Since we’ve known each other for so long, you easily take things for granted. For instance, you get used to their attention, you get used to telling them everything and you just get used to the idea that you know them inside and out. That makes it easy to miss the fact that the two of you are growing apart until it’s too obvious to deny. I guess that’s what happened to us. I thought I knew her, her way of thinking, her priorities and justĀ her I guess. But as it is today, she’s almost like a complete stranger to me.


It’s weird. Again, we used to tell each other everything and talk everyday. Now, we have hardly talked forĀ weeks. And honestly, I do think it’s for the better. She’s the type of person who is bad at responding and reaching out. And I, I personally believe that if you actually care about someone- you’ll make time for them. I also don’t like the idea of forcing my friendship upon someone else, it’s meant to be a two way street after all. Apart from that I also feel as if I can’t really trust her anymore. A feeling that I’ve been denying because she used to be one of my closest friends. But she’s changed, I’ve changed and that’s what happens.


We never used to fight or hardly even argue. We usually saw eye to eye on everything, another reason as to why I thought I knew her better than I actually do. She doesn’t like confrontations- she avoids them completely actually. And I’m the exact opposite… unless when it comes my friends. Or well, only her really. I guess that’s because I see her as rather fragile and also because I don’t have anything to confront her about. We’ve grown apart, which is not her fault and not mine either. Again- that’s what happens. So basically we stopped talking, just like that. Almost like a cold. Really intense in the beginning and then it slowly wears off. And even when you think you’re not sick anymore, you still cough and sneeze once in a while.


I guess that’s where I’m at right now. Still coughing and sneezing now and then. But of course, she’s been a dear friend of mine for years- it won’t disappear over night. Although, I do not miss her as much anymore. We weren’t good. I held this silent grudge against her after have told her the way I feel. Her behaviour not changing was just a final sign for me to leave her be. But despite us slowly drifting apart I still feel good about the way things are ending. I know that I was always an awesome friend. I feel as if I did everything I could and handled each situation right. But that just wasn’t enough in this case. So at the end of the day, you just have to accept the way things are and move on.


That’s it for now, sleep tight.